30-Day No Questions Refund Policy
Buyers who purchase directly from our online store have a 30-day period from the time of purchase during which they can receive a Return Merchandise Authorization for any reason. All we require is that we be contacted within that initial 30-day post-purchase period for an RMA to be issued, that nothing is ever shipped to us without an RMA being obtained in advance, and that all originally supplied product, accessories, and packaging be returned in as-new condition. This policy applies only to the original retail purchaser of the Collins America product and only to purchases made through our web store. A 15% deduction will be made in the refund amount to offset the shipping and handling costs. Additional deductions may be made based on the completeness and condition of the returned product. Collins America dealers set their own return policies.

1-Year Limited Replacement Warranty
Any Collins America product will be replaced if it fails to perform as advertised during the 1-year period following the date of purchase. Proof of purchase is required to establish the one-year warranty period. Without proof of purchase the warranty coverage will be provided for one-year from the date of manufacture, determined form the product serial number. No warranty coverage is provided on products with a defaced, illegible, or missing serial number. Contact us for an RMA to be issued, ship nothing to us without an RMA being obtained in advance, and send the defective product and a copy of your proof of purchase to the repair center we specify. We will send a replacement product back to you, with you paying the shipping cost. This warranty applies only to the original buyer of the Collins America product.

Security & Privacy
Collins collects and stores personal and payment information, but only for our own internal usage in processing and managing customer orders. We never release any customer information to anyone. Period. We never use customer information for a purpose for which the customer has not specifically given us permission. Period. Note that by providing your email address to us you are giving us permission to use that email address for basic business correspondence related to your order(s) from Collins.
Our Online Store
Many Collins products are offered for sale directly through our web store, and are sold directly by Collins to the purchasing customer through our secure shopping cart system. We accept Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards for payment, getting a pre-purchase authorization at the time of your order, and only charging your card once your order is ready to actually ship.

Refund Policy
Collins will refund any order in accordance to our 30-Day No Questions Policy defined above. After the initial 30-day post purchase period, no refunds will be made.

Our No-Hype Marketing Policy
Marketing copywriters have been given too much creative opportunity for too long. Collins has made a commitment to not indulge itself in overblown hyperbole, exaggerations, boasting about irrelevant trivia, and over-the-top marketing nonsense that we see has become so prevalent in the consumer products field. We will provide a clear, accurate description of each of our products, explain its use and functions, and then invite our customers to either experience the product at one of our retail partner locations, or order one from our web store, try it, and return it within our 30-Day No Questions Policy period if they are not pleased with the product.

Our No Pointless Specifications Policy
Collins has observed the technology industry's trend toward ever more detailed specifications being published for products. And, we have observed how many times the resulting excess of numbers and technical terms results in buyer confusion rather than buyer education. We also know that many "specifications" are not tied to empirical standards, so can be manipulated by manufacturers. We also know that certain specifications are regularly misinterpreted, so actually discourage shoppers from experiencing what are superior products. We will only publish such basic specifications as are required for the safe use and legal sale of our products.