Reinventing Swinging Thingies
We've all seen the cheap rubbery fake, er... ball thingies that have been sold the past few years to hang off the back of a truck. Well, welcome to the real deal: Great Big Nuts™!

If you like the idea of people knowing your attitude toward your truck, toward life, toward, well... them, and you're looking for the perfect symbol to make one big-time statement, look no further. Swing a pair of Great Big Nuts™ off the backend of your truck, and your viewpoint will be understood by one and all... loud and clear.

Great Big Nuts™ are real, honest-to-goodness solid steel hex nuts... the kind used on little gadgets like locomotives, bulldozers, and the occasional battleship. They are show-polished, then show-chromed, along with their matching solid steel welded link chromed hanging chains. Altogether, you're looking at the beefiest nuts ever to swing under the rear end of a pickup truck.

Installing Your Nuts
Great Big Nuts™ consists of two humongously large chromed steel nuts, each with a length of chromed steel chain welded to it, and, a chromed shackle padlock. The longer chain is looped around an appropriately located frame, bumper, hitch, or body support part under your truck, pulled down, and the padlock shackle is inserted through a link in that chain, and the last link in the other chain. Once your nuts are positioned like you like 'em, you click the padlock closed to secure the entire apparatus.


Great Big Nuts™ Details

Great Big Nuts™ work under the backend of most trucks. You need to check that there is some sturdy point up under the center of your truck around which a chain can be looped. If there is, you can mount your own set of nuts.

Order Great Big Nuts™ Now
Great Big Nuts™ are available at retailers nationwide. Or, you can order your Great Big Nuts™ now for only $129 (Free USPS Priority Shipping) Please allow 7 to 14 days for delivery.

Only $129 + Free S&H

What Is Included
Your order will include your Great Big Nuts™ set, a chromed padlock, packaging and user instructions.

Your Great Big Nuts™ includes a 30-day money back, no-questions satisfaction guarantee, and a 1-year limited replacement warranty covering defects in materials or workmanship. Please read the full warranty details here.


Great Big Nuts™ are now available to dealers. Frankly, we have been stunned by the incredible reaction we have had to this unique product, and cannot state strongly enough how much you, as an accessories reseller, need to be marketing Great Big Nuts™ in your own business. This is truly the hottest truck novelty product of the year.

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We are shipping Great Big Nuts™ from inventory in our Tennessee warehouse now. Contact us immediately for our wholesale pricing terms by emailing at
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