Reinventing Notebook Coolers
If you use your notebook PC on a pillow, on bedding, or on carpet, you know how these soft materials choke off the air from under your computer, and how incredibly hot it gets. PC Pillow is the world's only notebook cooling product designed specifically to address this most challenging cooling task. PC Pillow helps keep your PC cool on pillows, bedding, or carpet, protecting your lap from the heat, and protecting your PC from damaging high heat conditions.

PC Pillow is coated with a high-temperature silicone rubber so it is both soft and durable. The patent pending VectorThermâ„¢ convoluted surface ribbing of both the top and bottom webbing edges encourages enhanced convection cooling across the bottom face of your notebook PC.

PC Pillow's patent pending design enables continued convection cooling air flow across the bottom of your notebook PC even when pressed deeply into the softest pillow, bedspread, or carpeting.
PC Pillow Details
The PC Pillow works well with all notebook PCs up to 15.4" widescreen or 17" standard (4:3 ratio) LCD models. It is not recommended for 17" widescreen notebooks. The sturdy elastic strap is adjustable to fit any pillow. And, the silicone rubber surface gently grips the bottom of your notebook PC to keep it from sliding. Your lap and your PC will be cooler and happier.

PC Pillow Coming Soon
PC Pillow will be available at retailers worldwide in mid-2010. You will be able to order your PC Pillow here for only $29.99 (plus UPS shipping charges).

Only $29.99 (plus UPS shipping)

What Is Included
Your order will include your PC Pillow notebook PC cooling platform with an adjustable elastic strap, and user instructions.

Your PC Pillow includes a 30-day money back, no-questions satisfaction guarantee, and a 1-year limited replacement warranty covering defects in materials or workmanship. Read full warranty details here.